Last great movie you have watched?

September 26, 2008 // Posted in Fun, Life, Love  

It has been quite sometime since I have seen a great movie I think the last great movie I saw that just made my head spin was The Matrix and the one before that was Die Hard 3. Other than that it has been a minute so I went to the movie store the other day with my b/f and everything they had was nothing I had ever heard of. So it got to to thinking why not ask around and see what everyone else thought was good and maybe I could find some good ones that may have slipped threw the cracks.

So tell me the last great movie you watched I do not even care if it is a porno I just want something with a great plot and a lot of action! With that said I am looking forward to reading your replies and not so much the amount of spam I am about to get because I just used porn in my blog post!

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