Goldfish Tank

May 22, 2012 // Posted in Fun, Hobbies, Home, Life  

Went to the pet store with one of my guys and found some fun dog toys for his boxer. I love dogs but the big ones like boxers kinda scare me a little. I know they are stronger than me and that worries me when I’ve got a big dog on a leash and if he was to lunge at someone and try to break free I doubt that I could hold him back. That would be a hot mess.

So, I was looking at the fish and aquariums. It would be nice to have some fish in the condo. I like watching fish swim around and the sound of water trickling is always relaxing. I asked the guy in the fish section how much it would cost to get started with a couple of goldfish and everything they would need. With the sale price of the aquarium, it would only take about fifty bucks. So that’s what I’m thinking about buying.

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