Sex dot com goes Pintrest style

October 14, 2012 // Posted in Web  

Had been awhile since i had visited what used to be the webs number 1 sex site And although they have had many different front page looks this one is probably the bes tyet as it looks almost like the famous social networking site Pintrest. Since Pintrest does not allow for sex photos it was long overdue that someone big in the adult entertainment industry got behind bringingg a sex style Pintest to the masses and has done just that.

I for one have already created an account and started pinning all the pics i could not pin to Pintrest on and when i feel like sharing URL i will in an update post as this is going ot be BIG i mean HUGE for any adult that likes sexy images. I almost creamed my panties just visiting the front page with all the hunks and awesome pics they have right on the front page. If you have no tseen this redesign by be sure to head over and give it a peek as i am sure you will enjoy it as much as do 🙂

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  • Tara says:

    That shit is my new favorite old porn site. Wow way to go to for moving to a more user friendly platform.

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