Terrible Tuesdays Are Worse Than Mondays

November 27, 2012 // Posted in Life, Movies & TV  

Everyone likes to bitch about how bad Mondays are. Well, I have to add that Tuesdays can be terrible, too. There’s a lot of bad things that happened on Tuesdays, and I really don’t like Monday or Tuesday out of all the days of my week. I can deal with Wednesdays – at least the weekend is in sight by the time I leave work on Wednesday.

Thursdays used to be a great night for TV – I think all my favorite shows from back in the day were on Thursday nights – or they started out on Thursdays until some asswipe at the networks decided to fuck with them and move them to a different night. Do you remember the series called “ER”? That show as AWESOME and started out on Thursday nights. It was a long running hit show – I think it had 15 seasons. I miss it so much!

I would refuse to do anything social on Thursday nights because I wanted to be sure and be home in time for the ER show. When the show ended I actually starting going out after work to bars and clubs again.

There were a lot of great stars in that show – do you remember George Clooney played a doctor on that show? He was great! And Julianna Margulies was his love interest – now she is the star of “The Good Wife” – another great show!

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