It’s Payday!

September 27, 2013 // Posted in Finance, Home  

graphic of a joke about payday

I can’t believe that it’s payday and I’m already broke. WTF? I need a fucking raise. By the time I pay my rent and buy a few groceries, fill the car with gas and pay my cell phone bill, I’ve got maybe $50 to last me two damn weeks.

Can’t even find a cheaper place to live – the apartment rents around here just keep going up and there are actually waiting lists for units at the best places. Maybe I need to find a part time seasonal gig since Christmas is coming up and all the stores are hiring.

If I stash all the extra cash for working two months, I might be able to start looking for a house. It would be nice to not have to give my money to a damn landlord anymore and know that I’ll have something to show for all that money that I pay out every month.

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