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Tastes like shit

January 6, 2012 // Posted in Friends, Life (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

Ok, I love seafood, but Captain D’s tastes like shit. Seriously, don’t eat there if you can help it. The food was greasy as hell and my friends and I had to take all of the food back and get a refund. Maybe it was the particular restaurant, but I doubt it. Next time we go to Long John Silvers or Red Lobsters in my opinion as the Captain Ds around here just does not taste as good as others.

I for one would have rather have had Mc Donalds than eat that stuff I got at Captain Ds so that should tell all my friends and family just how bad it was which is sad because usually when I eat there at Captain Ds the food is great. Well enough blogging about it time to get back on the toilet to get the rest of this shit of of my system.

Meet Me for Lunch

September 10, 2011 // Posted in Friends, Good Food, Life, Love (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

We were talking at lunch about the best place to meet someone for the first time. So many first dates seem to focus on dinner and a movie. I sometimes don’t want to spend that much time with someone on a first or second date. Especially if you have only chatted online a few times or had friends set you up on a blind date.

I think that a good first date is a lunch date. Now, I’m all up for a free dinner. But lunch is so much more casual, so limited on time, and still daylight out. I think it makes for a better chance to get to know someone and see if there is any chemistry.

Jiffy Lube

September 23, 2010 // Posted in Friends, Ideas, Life (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

I have always had my oil changed at the local Jiffy Lube. They have never been an overly busy place of business, I usually go in and get out pretty quickly and have never had a problem. But there seems to be an oil changing war going on right now between all of the service centers and Jiffy Lube seems to be slowing down bit by bit. I know several of the guys that work there and I’d hate to see any of them lose their job due to lack of business and all of the new competition in town, so I still go there and always encourage any one that I know to go there for their oil changes. I’m doing what I can in trying to keep a good business in business.


September 5, 2010 // Posted in Friends, Life (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

One of the house hold chores that I really despise is doing the laundry. I know many people that take most of one of their days off and do their laundry, which keeps them tied down to the house and makes it difficult to enjoy most of that precious day off of work. I have always tried to do a load at least every other day, that way it doesn’t pile up and I have a steady flow of clean clothes that I can wear when I want and need to.

I’m so grateful that my washer and dryer are not stuck way down in the basement. They are actually located in the mud room and so they are very accessible, which makes a big difference to me. I can’t imagine having to climb up and down the stairs 3 times per load.

Yes I think I would Jun

October 11, 2008 // Posted in Blog, Friends, Toys (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

My friend Jun asks in his blog would you ever attend a sex toy party? In his post he writes this

I have been invited to 2 different sex toy parties this month and both of them i declined to go to but only because I was very busy with other things to d at work and if asked again i am sure I would go because when my friends told me about there times attending them they said it was awesome and a lot of fun.

My replay to him woul dbe hell yea I would love to attend a sex toys party I think it would be a lot of fun to do and since we would all be adults a tthe party you know it is going to hell of fun!