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My favorite sex chat forums are now closed.

October 14, 2012 // Posted in Fun (Tags: , ) |  1 Comment

Gone are the days of chatting on my favorite sex chat forums they have now been replaced by a much more sophisticated version of a forums software located at a different URL which makes me very sad, as I used my profile on the old forums to store so much online stuff and now the forums is shut down probably forever and I have to either move the data by hand, over to the newer forums or I have to just go with out and may just end up deleting it in the end. People like to chat in the style they feel most comfortable with when given a chance and for me old forums are the preferred method for my online chat sessions.

Anyways this is a heads up to everyone that gets in touch with me via my forums profile like before you will have to wait until I either move over to the new forums or just create one somewhere else where I have no worry about it being taken down or erased. Kind of pissed off about the whole thing as I wrote the admin and never got a response and doubt i will since its been two weeks since i sent in my complaint about the profile problems. Hope fully something can be done to allow for an easy export and import of data into the new forums as I am sure I am not the only one having this problem.

Good Day for a Bike Ride

October 14, 2012 // Posted in Fitness, Fun, Life (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

It’s a little windy but the day is beautiful and I don’t want to waste it sitting on the sofa and watching stupid football games. I’m going to take my bicycle and go for a ride over by the Lake. I think I have a half loaf of stale bread in my kitchen that I can carry with me on the bike. When I get to the Lake I can take a few minutes to toss the bread out on the water and feed the ducks and geese.

My bike is way back on the back wall of my garage. I can’t believe how much junk is in my garage now because I don’t want to throw it out but I’m not using it anymore. I guess I need to clean out the garage and have a big yard sale soon. But in the meantime, I just want to get to my bike and take it out on the road for a couple hours today.

No writing on walls notice

September 7, 2012 // Posted in Friends, Fun, Life, Love (Tags: , ) |  No Comments

no writing on walls

My last boyfriend would be just the jackass to write on the wall above this sign. He is the smart ass and unconforming type of person who makes you laugh at his antics but pisses you off when you have to apologize for his jokes and his anti-social behavior to the important people – like your boss, or the landlord, or the cops.

It was fun for a little while, but the jackass never knew when to turn it off. Had to kick him to curb when it started costing me money.

Bachelor Parties – Bad Idea?

June 22, 2012 // Posted in Fun, Life, Love (Tags: , ) |  No Comments

Came across an interesting convo  on Facebook where a girlfriend who is getting married next month was bitching about the plans her beloved husband-to-be has been making with his buddies for a bachelor party. He wants to take 7 of his best friends out of town for a weekend and have a wild and crazy weekend. At first he was talking about flying everyone to Las Vegas for the weekend, but that got too expensive (or, as she put it, complicated). So now they are talking about going to Atlanta, which is a 4 hour drive and a lot cheaper than flying 7 people round trip to Vegas.

The bride is pissed off that they are going out of town – she thinks that they should just party here at home and that going to a strip club is a bad idea. She says she doesn’t want her hubby-to-be in a strip club. Now, this is where it gets crazy. I think that a strip club outing is a healthy outlet for guys and there is nothing wrong with it. She says that he shouldn’t be interested in looking at naked girls – that she should be enough or he shouldn’t be getting married.

I think that is really naive and unreasonable. It is an American tradition to take the groom out to a strip club for a last hurrah. Its not like she is going to be having sex with the strippers. He might get a lap dance, but big fucking deal. If he is pledging his sexual loyalty to her, she should be trusting him. And maybe she is right, if she doesn’t feel that she can trust him, why are they getting married in the first place?

Goldfish Tank

May 22, 2012 // Posted in Fun, Hobbies, Home, Life (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Went to the pet store with one of my guys and found some fun dog toys for his boxer. I love dogs but the big ones like boxers kinda scare me a little. I know they are stronger than me and that worries me when I’ve got a big dog on a leash and if he was to lunge at someone and try to break free I doubt that I could hold him back. That would be a hot mess.

So, I was looking at the fish and aquariums. It would be nice to have some fish in the condo. I like watching fish swim around and the sound of water trickling is always relaxing. I asked the guy in the fish section how much it would cost to get started with a couple of goldfish and everything they would need. With the sale price of the aquarium, it would only take about fifty bucks. So that’s what I’m thinking about buying.