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Goldfish Tank

May 22, 2012 // Posted in Fun, Hobbies, Home, Life (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Went to the pet store with one of my guys and found some fun dog toys for his boxer. I love dogs but the big ones like boxers kinda scare me a little. I know they are stronger than me and that worries me when I’ve got a big dog on a leash and if he was to lunge at someone and try to break free I doubt that I could hold him back. That would be a hot mess.

So, I was looking at the fish and aquariums. It would be nice to have some fish in the condo. I like watching fish swim around and the sound of water trickling is always relaxing. I asked the guy in the fish section how much it would cost to get started with a couple of goldfish and everything they would need. With the sale price of the aquarium, it would only take about fifty bucks. So that’s what I’m thinking about buying.

Stocked Up on Hamburger

May 16, 2012 // Posted in Good Food, Home, Life, Shopping (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

How many ways can you list to make dinner using hamburger meat? I am stocked up on ground beef and need to find a few new ways to cook with it. I have obviously made hamburgers and cheeseburgers. I also have made spaghetti and meatloaf. Now I am stuck for new ideas.

I don’t buy Hamburger Helper because it has so much salt and other chemicals in it. Does anyone know how to make the different Hamburger Helper dishes from scratch with fresh ingredients? I would like to learn how to make stroganoff and a couple other meals that are some kind of sauce and pasta or rice.

Would appreciate any first hand recommendations about what to cook for dinner this week.