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Only Two Weekends Left

December 9, 2012 // Posted in Fun, Home, Life, Shopping (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Well, this weekend flew by. I actually pulled my Christmas tree out of the garage and put it up in the living room. It has lights already on it, so all I had to do was put the couple dozen ornaments on it and a garland and the angel on top. The top of the tree is such a topic of discussion – I love having an angel on top of my tree, but some people insist on having a star or some other kind of decoration.

Only two shopping weekends left to get all our Christmas presents bought and wrapped and then shipped off to all the family who are not close by.

Terrible Tuesdays Are Worse Than Mondays

November 27, 2012 // Posted in Life, Movies & TV (Tags: , ) |  No Comments

Everyone likes to bitch about how bad Mondays are. Well, I have to add that Tuesdays can be terrible, too. There’s a lot of bad things that happened on Tuesdays, and I really don’t like Monday or Tuesday out of all the days of my week. I can deal with Wednesdays – at least the weekend is in sight by the time I leave work on Wednesday.

Thursdays used to be a great night for TV – I think all my favorite shows from back in the day were on Thursday nights – or they started out on Thursdays until some asswipe at the networks decided to fuck with them and move them to a different night. Do you remember the series called “ER”? That show as AWESOME and started out on Thursday nights. It was a long running hit show – I think it had 15 seasons. I miss it so much!

I would refuse to do anything social on Thursday nights because I wanted to be sure and be home in time for the ER show. When the show ended I actually starting going out after work to bars and clubs again.

There were a lot of great stars in that show – do you remember George Clooney played a doctor on that show? He was great! And Julianna Margulies was his love interest – now she is the star of “The Good Wife” – another great show!

Spoiling for a Fight

November 7, 2012 // Posted in Friends, Life, Web (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Sometimes I am just rolling along with my life and having fun and working and doing what I do, when out of the blue some bitch will come along and try to pick a fight with me. Now, most of the time I am fine with a good fight. I never back down from a good fight and since I grew up with two older brothers, I do not fight like a girl. I fight to win.

So here I was on Facebook and someone who is supposed to be a friend starts writing a lot of negative shit on my Facebook wall. I’m like, “What’s your problem, bitch?” and she never even gives me an answer, just keeps saying more and more insulting stuff. So I don’t know – should I let this bitch provoke me into a flame war on Facebook? Or should I take the high road because all my friends can see this same shit and even people I work with and customers, too. So I try to be polite on my Facebook, but this bitch is really getting under my skin. She is spoiling for a fight and I really want to give her a big smack down in front of everyone to shut her the fuck up.

Good Day for a Bike Ride

October 14, 2012 // Posted in Fitness, Fun, Life (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

It’s a little windy but the day is beautiful and I don’t want to waste it sitting on the sofa and watching stupid football games. I’m going to take my bicycle and go for a ride over by the Lake. I think I have a half loaf of stale bread in my kitchen that I can carry with me on the bike. When I get to the Lake I can take a few minutes to toss the bread out on the water and feed the ducks and geese.

My bike is way back on the back wall of my garage. I can’t believe how much junk is in my garage now because I don’t want to throw it out but I’m not using it anymore. I guess I need to clean out the garage and have a big yard sale soon. But in the meantime, I just want to get to my bike and take it out on the road for a couple hours today.

Humor is tricky

October 9, 2012 // Posted in Health, Life (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Some things are just not funny. There are some things that it is just bad taste – or worse – to be making jokes about bad things that happen to people. Like this Sandusky trial – I don’t ever want to hear a single joke about that horrible man or the kids he victimized. I don’t want to hear jokes about locker rooms and showers where little boys get molested. There is nothing funny about any of that.

I’m glad that awful man is finally locked up and I just look at his wife in amazement and cannot believe how stupid a woman can be to be married to a man like that for all those years and never ever have a suspicion that anything was wrong. How can she stand the thought that the dick he was sticking in her had just been stuck up a l little boys butt? I can’t stand picture of her by his side being all loyal to that creep.