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Terrible Tuesdays Are Worse Than Mondays

November 27, 2012 // Posted in Life, Movies & TV (Tags: , ) |  No Comments

Everyone likes to bitch about how bad Mondays are. Well, I have to add that Tuesdays can be terrible, too. There’s a lot of bad things that happened on Tuesdays, and I really don’t like Monday or Tuesday out of all the days of my week. I can deal with Wednesdays – at least the weekend is in sight by the time I leave work on Wednesday.

Thursdays used to be a great night for TV – I think all my favorite shows from back in the day were on Thursday nights – or they started out on Thursdays until some asswipe at the networks decided to fuck with them and move them to a different night. Do you remember the series called “ER”? That show as AWESOME and started out on Thursday nights. It was a long running hit show – I think it had 15 seasons. I miss it so much!

I would refuse to do anything social on Thursday nights because I wanted to be sure and be home in time for the ER show. When the show ended I actually starting going out after work to bars and clubs again.

There were a lot of great stars in that show – do you remember George Clooney played a doctor on that show? He was great! And Julianna Margulies was his love interest – now she is the star of “The Good Wife” – another great show!

Finger Foods

April 26, 2012 // Posted in Fun, Good Food, Life, Movies & TV, Music (Tags: , ) |  No Comments

Most nights I eat dinner like a proper young woman. I have a table set with the proper silver ware, on a place mat, with a glass of water and condiments. If I am alone, I serve from the stove top. If I have company, I serve from the table. And if I have company, I use candles and dim the overhead light. Sometimes I turn on the stereo and play soft rock or smooth jazz to add to the mood.

But once in a while it is fun to mix it up. I like to eat on the couch in front of the TV. If I’m doing that, I fix a variety of finger foods in stead of a formal plating. The finger foods can be anything from steamed dumplings to hot wings. Tonight I’m thinking it will be a finger food night with a cold beer and a movie from Redbox.

What sounds good to you?

Raised to Haze

April 23, 2012 // Posted in Ideas, Life, Movies & TV (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

There was an episode on the TV series called, “Harry’s Law,” based on a true life story of a kid who was punched in a college hazing ritual and ended up dying. So the local prosecuting attorneys decided to charge the entire team with murder. The TV show is loosely based on what had happened to a young man in Georgia last year. I don’t recall if they all got charged in real life or what happened to them. But you have to admit it is a good premise for a story.

Once of the defending lawyers on the TV show called out that hazing is part of American culture. He said that we are “raised to haze.” with all the club initiations and secret societies with their rituals that are all a big part of American life. I think he has a good point. Not that it is right, but it surely does have a solid basis in our culture.

I Can’t HEAR you!

March 30, 2012 // Posted in Life, Movies & TV (Tags: ) |  No Comments

Do you ever watch a movie about the military and see a drill sargent who has to be all badass and all. He yells at the recruits until he is red in the face and is spitting mad. He looks like his veins are popping out of his fucking head.

There is always that one classic DI line, ” I can’t HEAR you!!!!!”

Give me a fucking break. You yell that at me and I’m just gonna look at you like you are stupid. That doesn’t get respect from me. Be a fucking man with manners and a good job, who treats people well. Then I’ll respect you.

Disrespectful shit

January 18, 2012 // Posted in Movies & TV, Music (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

It doesn’t matter if it is movies, TV or music, the disrespectful shit they are teaching our younger generation is disgusting. How are people supposed to have meaningful relationships if they are teaching all of our young men and women to have no respect for each other. The older I get the worse it seems to become. And our parents thought our music and stuff was bad. Not a fucking chance.

Just makes me think who is writing this stuff and what of fucking agenda are they trying to push onto our youth and feeble minded individuals who try to mirror there lives after the movies and music they here every day. I for one think it is time they start getting real about relationships in movies and music and stay away from the shit that never happens or should.