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Rocking My New Leather Jacket

October 3, 2013 // Posted in Fun, Shopping, Travel (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

My man is thrilled that he got a deal on a motorcycle and told me to get myself ready for some rising this fall before it gets to cold. He bought me a motorcycle helmet and I found some good riding boots and a sweet leather jacket.

I probably paid too much money for the leather jacket, but I bought it from the Harley Davidson dealer and they had marked it down $20. I like the smell of leather – don’t you? I tried on every leather jacket in the store and I knew as soon as I this one on that I wanted to buy it. This jacket is not the cheapest one, but I expect to wear it a lot and see it as an investment. The leather protects my skin, keeps me warm and looks damn good, too.

Next weekend we are heading up to the Smokey Mountains and doing some serious riding. I just hope this damn government shutdown doesn’t screw us up and have all the parks closed. I figure the National Parks are going to be closed, but the state Parks should stay open. And who know how long it’s going to take those idiots in congress to get over themselves and end this shutdown.

Sunday Drive

June 6, 2011 // Posted in Life, Travel (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

One of the things I miss from childhood is the weekly Sunday Drive. My father would take any of the kids who wanted to go for the ride and head out for a couple of hours. Sometimes he knew ahead of time where he wanted to go and other times he would call out, “Pick a road!” or “Pick north or south!” As we rode around he would point out places that he used to go, houses that he built, new buildings or signs. We talked about family, the future, and things to be grateful for. Then the price of gas shot up and made the weekly drive cost prohibitive. Those were good times and I miss them.