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Spoiling for a Fight

November 7, 2012 // Posted in Friends, Life, Web (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Sometimes I am just rolling along with my life and having fun and working and doing what I do, when out of the blue some bitch will come along and try to pick a fight with me. Now, most of the time I am fine with a good fight. I never back down from a good fight and since I grew up with two older brothers, I do not fight like a girl. I fight to win.

So here I was on Facebook and someone who is supposed to be a friend starts writing a lot of negative shit on my Facebook wall. I’m like, “What’s your problem, bitch?” and she never even gives me an answer, just keeps saying more and more insulting stuff. So I don’t know – should I let this bitch provoke me into a flame war on Facebook? Or should I take the high road because all my friends can see this same shit and even people I work with and customers, too. So I try to be polite on my Facebook, but this bitch is really getting under my skin. She is spoiling for a fight and I really want to give her a big smack down in front of everyone to shut her the fuck up.

Shoe Shopping Online

November 1, 2012 // Posted in Hobbies, Shopping, Web (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Some people collect stamps, some collect baseball cards, some collect CDs or DVDs. I guess I collect shoes and that’s because I love shoe shopping – both online and at the mall. But this time of year, going to mall is getting to be a problem with crowds. And after Thanksgiving, I can’t bear the thought of going to mall with all those Christmas shoppers clogging up the parking lot and the stores.

Tonight I will be surfing the internet for new shoes. I want to get a pretty pair of really dressy shoes to wear to my company’s annual holiday party in December. I have a dress in mind – now I want a pair of shoes and some accessories to make a totally knockout outfit.

Most of the time I like the really high heels and lots of straps. But last year at the Christmas party I was on my feet almost all night long and I could barely walk the next day with such sore arches and foot muscles. I think I will bring the heel down an inch and try to avoid that problem a second time. I need to be able to move around and talk to everyone at the party, and of course we will be dancing, too. So the new shoes have to be perfect – they have to look great and they have to not hurt!

Sex dot com goes Pintrest style

October 14, 2012 // Posted in Web (Tags: , ) |  1 Comment

Had been awhile since i had visited what used to be the webs number 1 sex site And although they have had many different front page looks this one is probably the bes tyet as it looks almost like the famous social networking site Pintrest. Since Pintrest does not allow for sex photos it was long overdue that someone big in the adult entertainment industry got behind bringingg a sex style Pintest to the masses and has done just that.

I for one have already created an account and started pinning all the pics i could not pin to Pintrest on and when i feel like sharing URL i will in an update post as this is going ot be BIG i mean HUGE for any adult that likes sexy images. I almost creamed my panties just visiting the front page with all the hunks and awesome pics they have right on the front page. If you have no tseen this redesign by be sure to head over and give it a peek as i am sure you will enjoy it as much as do 🙂