Bored Tonight? Try a Sex Chat

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Every once in a while my plans for the night get changed or canceled. It really sucks to be all dressed up with no place to go. And sometimes it is so late at night that you really don’t have anyone else to call at the last minute and invite out. Or something happens so you can’t go out at all and you are stuck at home for the night.

If I’m bored and stuck at home, I try a sex chat for a couple of hours. I can fix myself a nice cold drink, sit down on the couch, enter a chat room from my laptop and start talking to people. I’ve “met” some great people on the chat lines, people with a great sense of humor, people who have the gift of gab, people who can make me laugh. When I’ve had enough fun, I click it off and get myself to bed – usually with a smile on my face and a little skip or two on the way down the hallway.

Crazy as Shit Party Last Night

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Last night was our big company Christmas party. With the bad economy and all the shit going on this past year, with lay offs and our fucking CEO replaced with this new guy, I wasn’t sure how this party thing was going to play out.

Last year we had the party at the big Sheraton hotel downtown. We had the big ballroom and open bar and a live band. This year was nothing like it. Instead of at a hotel we had a big fancy dinner at an old restaurant downtown. They gave us our own private room at the restaurant and we all got to order whatever we wanted from the menu. So of course, most of the people ordered an expensive steak and some guys even ordered surf and turf. If we wanted a mixed drink we had to pay for it ourselves – that really sucked. But the tightwads did at least pay for a few bottles of wine that were on each table. So we had some spirits and people like me who love wine were able to drink plenty because some people don’t really like wine and they forfeited their shares.

There were not big speeches or anything, just everyone eating dinner and talking amongst ourselves. Dessert was pecan pie and coffee, and after that all the executives left and went home. But the rest of us who wanted to party longer went down to the basement nightclub and took over the joint. They had a pretty good DJ who was taking requests and the place had a couple of other small groups there for company parties like ours. We all just hit the dance floor and cut loose.

The guys in the sales department started throwing around their company credit cards and buying drinks for everyone, so some of them got really fucked up drunk and started doing stupid shit on the dance floor. Have you ever seen an old white man try to break dance? It was hilarious!

Turned out to be a crazy ass party once the ivory tower guys left us alone to our own devices. I have a hangover from hell because I drank so much wine, but it was a good time and I don’t give a fuck if anyone at the office is embarrassed on Monday. We saw some crazy shit – but that will give us all something to laugh about for a long time into the new year.

Only Two Weekends Left

December 9, 2012 // Posted in Fun, Home, Life, Shopping (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Well, this weekend flew by. I actually pulled my Christmas tree out of the garage and put it up in the living room. It has lights already on it, so all I had to do was put the couple dozen ornaments on it and a garland and the angel on top. The top of the tree is such a topic of discussion – I love having an angel on top of my tree, but some people insist on having a star or some other kind of decoration.

Only two shopping weekends left to get all our Christmas presents bought and wrapped and then shipped off to all the family who are not close by.

Trying Something New for Dinner

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Recipes are not my thing – I guess you could say that I have a little trouble following instructions. But I am hungry and nothing sounds good, so I am going to find a recipe and try something new for dinner tonight.

My dinners are usually built around some kind of chicken or fish. I love chicken and eat chicken at least three times a week. I also love fish, especially salmon. I wish salmon was more affordable around here. I know it costs a lot because it is caught half the country away from here and has to be flown and trucked across half of America.

Sometimes I get a small salmon fillet from the seafood counter at Kroger, but most of the time that I shop for groceries it is so late at night the deli and seafood counters have packed up and shit down for the night before I get there.

I picked up a small tray of Tilapia fillets at the store, so I am looking for a recipe for the Tilapia. My cousin told me that she cooks it up by mixing equal parts of mayonnaise and Parmesean cheese, then spreading that mix over the Tilapia and baking it in the oven for 20 minutes. That sounds easy enough, right? That’s my dinner plans – I hope it turns out as good as it sounds.

Terrible Tuesdays Are Worse Than Mondays

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Everyone likes to bitch about how bad Mondays are. Well, I have to add that Tuesdays can be terrible, too. There’s a lot of bad things that happened on Tuesdays, and I really don’t like Monday or Tuesday out of all the days of my week. I can deal with Wednesdays – at least the weekend is in sight by the time I leave work on Wednesday.

Thursdays used to be a great night for TV – I think all my favorite shows from back in the day were on Thursday nights – or they started out on Thursdays until some asswipe at the networks decided to fuck with them and move them to a different night. Do you remember the series called “ER”? That show as AWESOME and started out on Thursday nights. It was a long running hit show – I think it had 15 seasons. I miss it so much!

I would refuse to do anything social on Thursday nights because I wanted to be sure and be home in time for the ER show. When the show ended I actually starting going out after work to bars and clubs again.

There were a lot of great stars in that show – do you remember George Clooney played a doctor on that show? He was great! And Julianna Margulies was his love interest – now she is the star of “The Good Wife” – another great show!