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Loose Change

September 2, 2012 // Posted in Finance, Ideas, Life, Shopping (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

At the end of the day when you are emptying pockets and setting up your personal stuff for the next morning, what do you do with your loose change? Do you put it back in your pocket the next morning to prime the pot? Or do you toss it into a mason jar to collect it up? Do you leave it in the car so you have money for a vending machine?

I sort through my money – even the loose change. I look for old or rare coins and set them aside, then I put the rest in a big pink piggy bank. Every time I take the filled up piggy bank to my bank and cash it in I get about $400 – and that aint chicken scratch!

My piggy bank is about half full right now. I have not been paying cash for my purchases lately, so I have not been receiving change every day. That could be different when I start my Christmas shopping, but right now I am good with the debit card and the credit card to pay my way. The piggy bank is on a bit of a forced diet for a while.