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Sometimes you have to take one

October 11, 2008 // Posted in Blog, Friends, Life (Tags: , , , ) |  No Comments

My friend another web critic has written a post titled Sorry for the absence but I am back in it he explains that he has been very busy with life and work to be able to blog. In the post he writes this

Sorry the the absence but I have had to do a lot of work around the house and at work and have had no time to do anything but those things but I am back and will be posting more often to my blog here but wanted to go ahead and get this post in to let everyone know whats up.

Thanks for the heads up and glad to see you back blogging again!

My papa is writing a book.

October 8, 2008 // Posted in Blog, Ideas (Tags: , , , ) |  No Comments

My Papa is considering writing a book in his blog he wrote a post titled  I am considering writing a book. In it he writes the following,

I am considering writing a book using this WordPress blog right here. I see several program online that can convert any WordPress blog into a book and will probably make one from my blog here. I always wanted to write my own book and now here is my chance to do it.

Like you Papa I want to one day take my best blog posts and make a book with them!

Great product blogs for adults

September 3, 2008 // Posted in Blog, Ideas, Toys (Tags: , , , , ) |  1 Comment

Found some great adult related blog while surfing technorati the other day and wanted to post them here and also talk about them a bit because I believe they are going to be the future of what blog are going to become which are product blogs and that is a blog that is focused on certain products and the selling of them. The first blog is about adult blu-ray discs blog and the second is a sex toys weblog and both are very well done and I would not be surprised if they did not have thousands of readers like me.

If your into either products then be sure to check them out because you will love them but if you just want to learn about product blogs then click over to because you can learn a lot from what these two blogs have done!

Hello my world has started!

March 1, 2008 // Posted in Blog, Fun, Life (Tags: , , , , ) |  1 Comment

Having a blast getting ready for Spring this year have been very busy around the house cleaning and cleaning some more. Almost forgot i bought this domain name to start on a blog on it and because I have been so busy with life I have not had much time to get  online and share my world with the online world. I am here now though thanks to some friends that helped my set up this website slash blog on a server.

So a BIG shout out right away to Denise and Mandy for making this into a reality and to my boyfriend that helped with finding the domain and buying because I had no idea where to even do that. If you like reading about what I consider fun online then sit back and enjoy reading my blog sometime because that is all I plan on putting on the thing.