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Fucking Sick of Chocolates Already

February 17, 2012 // Posted in Friends, Good Food, Life, Love (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

So Valentine’s Day came and went, just like my boyfriend. Ha ha. At least he got to make sure he got his rocks off that night. He sprang for a nice dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse – his favorite restaurant. I would have liked a different restaurant, but I wasn’t asked.

He bought me a big box of cheap chocolates that came in a big red cardboard box with red cellophane and cheap red bow glued on it. Big fucking deal. Don’t try to impress me with a huge box of cheap chocolates. Buy me a couple of the good chocolates in a small gold ballotin with a simple ribbon tied around it. That is how to impress me. A few expensive things trump a lot of cheap crap any day.

I ate a couple of the chocolates to demonstrate my gratitude. They are awful. I know its crazy to call any chocolate awful, but it is the truth. Once you’ve learned the difference between cheap chocolates and the gourmet level of chocolates, its impossible to go back. I’m probably going to throw the rest of this crap in the trash – unless any of you want them. I’m sick of them already but you can have them.