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Chocolate Overload

November 7, 2011 // Posted in Good Food, Life (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

Not enough kids came trick or treating to my house on Halloween. So I have this huge bowl of candy left over. Of course I am going to eat it all. The question is, how fast is it going to disappear?

More Walking

September 26, 2011 // Posted in Fitness, Health (Tags: , , , ) |  No Comments

Is it just me or is everyone using their cars more and getting less exercise? I never seem to walk anywhere any more. I used to walk for a couple of miles to go places and not think twice about it. Now I get in the car to go to the grocery store just 1 mile from my house. Of course, I don’t want to lug all those bags of groceries back to the house uphill. But I could walk more if I would just get out of this bad habit of going directly to the car for everything.