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Spoiling for a Fight

November 7, 2012 // Posted in Friends, Life, Web (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Sometimes I am just rolling along with my life and having fun and working and doing what I do, when out of the blue some bitch will come along and try to pick a fight with me. Now, most of the time I am fine with a good fight. I never back down from a good fight and since I grew up with two older brothers, I do not fight like a girl. I fight to win.

So here I was on Facebook and someone who is supposed to be a friend starts writing a lot of negative shit on my Facebook wall. I’m like, “What’s your problem, bitch?” and she never even gives me an answer, just keeps saying more and more insulting stuff. So I don’t know – should I let this bitch provoke me into a flame war on Facebook? Or should I take the high road because all my friends can see this same shit and even people I work with and customers, too. So I try to be polite on my Facebook, but this bitch is really getting under my skin. She is spoiling for a fight and I really want to give her a big smack down in front of everyone to shut her the fuck up.

Not Really Here

September 15, 2012 // Posted in Blog, Life (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Sometimes I leave my computer on and just walk away for something, like making a drink or getting a snack. And then I get busy with something and forget that the computer is on. But it’s no big deal to me. It’s my fucking electric – not anybody’s else’s bill. As long as I pay my bills you can get the fuck out of my face about saving electricity, OK?

I use a wi-fi connection from my cable company, which is nice and it means that my internet is always on. If I’m logged into Facebook or my Yahoo Instant Messenger, it shows me as being online. Technically, that is true – my computer is on and I’m online. But it does NOT mean that I am sitting in front in the computer holding my breath waiting on some fucktard to send me a message.