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Fucking hung over

January 1, 2012 // Posted in Fun, Life (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

Last nights party was fucking great, but I am so hung over. We went out bar hopping and hit about tree different places. I played some pool with a really hot guy at one place, but my friends wanted to go somewhere else and I forgot to get his number. Happy New Year people.

I think today has got to be one in which a lot of coffee is drank around the World as everyone is trying to wake up from the partying and celebrating they did for the new year. I for one am blessed as I have a Starbucks just less than 3 minutes drive from where i am at now. Since getting the Starbucks rewards card I have had over 10 free drinks this year alone which should tell you jsut how much coffee i have been drinking.

Working out for Mr Right

June 1, 2008 // Posted in Fitness, Love (Tags: , , , , ) |  2 Comments

I love to work out and every day i try and do some sort of exercise weather it being walking weight lifting or aerobics of some sort like yoga or step. One thing me and my friends always talk about is our weight and figure and making sure they are both great makes me feel good when hanging out with my friends.

Because we all take care of our bodies as much as possible so one day we can get pregnant lose our figure and become mommies, lol. No but making sure to attract the right guy i want will only want a girl that is healthy and happy and has a great figure and body everything I want in a man. So if your out there Mr Right be sure to read this and then send me a picture sometime.