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Girls night out…

January 12, 2012 // Posted in Friends (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

Ok I have fucking had enough. I am getting out of this house before I lose my mind. My girl called and suggested we head out for a few drinks at the local sports bar, and that is fine with me. I could use a few pool games and the company of other people for a little while. Who knows, maybe there will be a good game on and the place will be busy. Later people…

Ok well that was a night full of lots of drinks and weird men trying to do there best to get into my pants with no success. A hint to all the men out there trying to pick up women at bars and get laid it is not going to happen the first night instead think of the first night as a intro to getting sex the next time we meet so throw a couples lines ask for some digits but that is all you should expect and do not be surprised if you do not get a wrong number here and again.

I am tore up bitch

August 7, 2008 // Posted in Fun, Life (Tags: , , , ) |  2 Comments

I am so tore up at the moment i knew that I had to blog for a bit because I am feeling so dam good at the moment. Anyone who has ever drank a 12 pack and did a couple of shots knows just how I am feeling at the moment but of course every knows what is going to happen here in the next hour or so I am going to be hugging the porcelain god for the rest of day. Has been so long since I ever got to just party my ass off that I realize today i need to do it more often.

Well I am off to go make my final rounds around the group and to pick the luck guy who will get to hold my hair and tell me everything is going to be alright while I am begging the toilet for forgiveness, lol.