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Comedy club

December 26, 2011 // Posted in Uncategorized (Tags: , , , ) |  No Comments

Goin out tonight to the comedy club to see whoever is playin. Don’t even care who it is. I am just glad the holidays are over and I am in desperate need of some laughs. I love my family but they are shitheads sometimes and the comedy club will alleviate the stress from spending too much time with the family. lol So the girls and I are getting together and I certainly hope that the acts performing will be good. They usually are. =)

Cracker barrel

November 24, 2011 // Posted in Good Food (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

We are having Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel. The food is awesome and we don’t have a mess to clean up or ten tons of fucking leftovers to eat until we are nauseous. I love Thanksgiving, but I hate having nothing to eat but left overs for days on end afterwards. lol Now it is not a problem since we decided to eat out. Pig out till you puke ! lol