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Betty White

September 27, 2010 // Posted in Fitness, Fun, Health (Tags: , , , ) |  No Comments

Betty White is one hard working senior citizen. She seems to be popping up every where on TV and on the Big Screen as well. She is always on the news and in magazines galore. I even heard that they are trying to get her on the latest Harry Potter film. Isn’t that something. She must be in her eighties and to think that she doing as much as she is at her age it just makes me wonder what her secret is. I’m sure she gets asked that a lot but I’ve never heard her answer. Who knows, the woman might just be flying by the seat of her pants like the majority of us are doing!


September 5, 2010 // Posted in Friends, Life (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

One of the house hold chores that I really despise is doing the laundry. I know many people that take most of one of their days off and do their laundry, which keeps them tied down to the house and makes it difficult to enjoy most of that precious day off of work. I have always tried to do a load at least every other day, that way it doesn’t pile up and I have a steady flow of clean clothes that I can wear when I want and need to.

I’m so grateful that my washer and dryer are not stuck way down in the basement. They are actually located in the mud room and so they are very accessible, which makes a big difference to me. I can’t imagine having to climb up and down the stairs 3 times per load.

Summer has arrived finally

June 20, 2008 // Posted in Life (Tags: , , , ) |  No Comments

Have been tanning for a couple of weeks now and since summer has arrived it has paid off BIG time, just about everywhere I go guys turn and stare and that in turn makes me feel good. I love my tan and how it makes me turn heads where ever i go.

Some things to remember though is to wear plenty of sunscreen and moisturize your skin after sun bathing because it is very important for the later years of life and no one wants to get skin cancer. i am glad the summer is here and I am looking forward to going to the beach every now and then over the weekend to do some surfing.