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Humor is tricky

October 9, 2012 // Posted in Health, Life (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Some things are just not funny. There are some things that it is just bad taste – or worse – to be making jokes about bad things that happen to people. Like this Sandusky trial – I don’t ever want to hear a single joke about that horrible man or the kids he victimized. I don’t want to hear jokes about locker rooms and showers where little boys get molested. There is nothing funny about any of that.

I’m glad that awful man is finally locked up and I just look at his wife in amazement and cannot believe how stupid a woman can be to be married to a man like that for all those years and never ever have a suspicion that anything was wrong. How can she stand the thought that the dick he was sticking in her had just been stuck up a l little boys butt? I can’t stand picture of her by his side being all loyal to that creep.

Thank Gawd Its Fry Day

April 13, 2012 // Posted in Good Food, Life (Tags: , ) |  No Comments

Tonight we are going to a fish fry. It’s a fund raiser for a darling little historic log cabin and the surrounding property, including the family cemetery that has headstones going back to the early 1800’s. There are some old headstones that have faded and worn down so badly that you cannot read them at all. One of the most interesting parts is that the main family, James and Lucy Buchanan, that lived there for the longest contiguous time had 16 children together. James was in his 40’s and had already built the log cabin when he married 17 year old Lucy. They both lived long lives and are buried together in the family cemetery.

Now there is an historical society that keeps the property maintained and offers tours and special events. Its a lovely place for a small wedding or private party. Tonight they are hosting a fish fry open to the public to raise money for the property’s upkeep. I love the idea of good food and helping a good cause.