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Need Some Retail Therapy

March 13, 2012 // Posted in Fun, Life, Shopping (Tags: , ) |  No Comments

OK, bitches, I’m going shopping this weekend. Who’s with me?

This week sucks ass at my job and I’m doing everything I can to hold it together. I sear to Christ that everyone must be on the rag and taking out their PMS and nastiness on me. I can’t ignore them but I can’t bitch back, either. I’ve been biting my tongue so much that it must be a bloody mess by now.

I have told myself that if I make it through the entire week without blowing up and cussing out my boss and co-workers, that I deserve some retail therapy. If I don’t make it I’ll probably get my ass fired and not have any money for shopping, so I know you are with me on keeping chill and making it until Friday.

I’m think some cute new platform sandals are what I need to make tings nice again. So who’s coming with me? I’m talking new shoes, bitches! Come on now!