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Cheap Flip Flops

August 9, 2011 // Posted in Life, Shopping (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

When summer started, all the stores had flip flops out on the racks. I was trying to find a particular kind of flip flop and searched sto rends of stores. I found flip flops for $2 at WalMart and some for as much as $35 at Macy’s. But I wanted a special kind of sole that doesn’t wear down as quickly as the cheap ones and could not find them anywhere. So I bought 4 pairs of $2 flip flops at WalMart and I have to throw out 1 pair every month because they wear out. But that gets me through most of the summer, and if I can find the ones I really like then I will stock up on those when I find them.

Summer Coming

May 26, 2011 // Posted in Fun, Life (Tags: , , , , ) |  No Comments

The start of summer is not officially until June 20. But around here the temps have been in the 80’s already and its nice enough weather to go swimming if you can find a pool open already. This weekend will be the Memorial Day holiday weekend, which is the unofficial start of summer. Who’s ready for the lake?

Summer has arrived finally

June 20, 2008 // Posted in Life (Tags: , , , ) |  No Comments

Have been tanning for a couple of weeks now and since summer has arrived it has paid off BIG time, just about everywhere I go guys turn and stare and that in turn makes me feel good. I love my tan and how it makes me turn heads where ever i go.

Some things to remember though is to wear plenty of sunscreen and moisturize your skin after sun bathing because it is very important for the later years of life and no one wants to get skin cancer. i am glad the summer is here and I am looking forward to going to the beach every now and then over the weekend to do some surfing.